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What came first the Chicken or The Egg?

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First of all I want to announce we have hundreds of sign ups now, mostly sellers. This after 3 weeks of hard work. Our global ranking has improved with 13mio and we are ranking 46K in India and 8K in Pakistan. We do around 30K unique visitor a month. This is like we had expected because we have targeted the highly skilled IT market in both India as Pakistan trying to convince sellers to start selling on our marketplace.

So, yes we did had a focus on sellers first, why?

Let me tell you about a story regarding what came first, the chicken or the egg? Aka the seller or buyer? As a marketplace we only can accelerate if we have both enough to offer: to our buyers as enough sellers offering services to buy. So where to start? Well we have chosen to start with the sellers first. We believe when there are enough sellers offering their seo services, it become more easy and more relevant to shift the focus on targeting buyers.

Having said this I hope you all, both buyers as sellers who have signed up already, will understand it takes some time to have more traction on

So, why again should you use Seomarket?

As a seller:

  • You can profit from the lowest sales commissions in the market, generating the highest net revenue;
  • You can profit from a full flexible price configuration as seller, so you are not bound to smaller sales prices. This again will generate more net revenue for a seller;
  • We offer you a highly interactive platform to communicate and deal directly with buyers;
  • We have planned to even create more flexibility for our sellers with our – to be planned – membership feature. This feature offers you a possibility to sell without commission, against a $1 per/month membership fee.

As a buyer:

  • You can profit from a secure payment platform on which your seo jobs will be delivered. This, against high quality and with protected payment;
  • You can profit from the best prices in the market, for high quality seo jobs around the world. This because of our low sales commissions we handle towards our sellers;
  • We offer you a highly interactive platform to communicate and deal directly with sellers;

So regarding the Chicken & the Egg comparison:

To our buyers I want to say: stay with us, trust us, because a lot of new seo jobs will be available soon of which you can profit.

To our sellers I want to say: start posting your jobs – if not done already – . If you have posted a seo job already, well keep on adding more! Buyers will come and in fact a lot of them…

Last but not least, do check of newest video, click here. Please do share them amongst your network to speed up our seo marketplace community.



Improve your business

How sellers on Seomarket improve your business.


How to use wiki links to increase seo


How to use wiki links to increase seo

One of the most visited websites in the world is Wikipedia. Wikipedia provides quality information to its visitors.

So how to use Wikipedia, Wiki links, for SEO?

Submit an article to Wikipedia. However there are some challenges:

  • Wikipedia does not allow do follow links;
  • It does not allow self-promotion;
  • There is a risk to be seen as spam;

With the above kept in mind you should submit content, no links, maybe one link the most. Using Wikipedia for your SEO is truly an art but when done properly very good for SEO, because of the high domain authority Wikipedia has.

See specialist on Wiki links here.


How to submit Articles to Improve Your SEO

article submission

How to submit Articles to Improve Your SEO

Seo, search engine optimazation, is key to gain relevant traffic to your website or blog. Remember with billions of websites on the internet the competition is high. Your goal has to be, among other, to get a higher rank (position on Google) to have more traffic. Rlevant traffic is key here of course. So how can article submission help you with this?

An article is about your audience, your key market, your key subject, not about you.
So to begin with define your audience, or subject and make sure you are informative in your article. Please notice you need to take time to write a good article. Google as most important search engine will know if the information in your article is irrelavant.

Next bare in mind your readers, visitors. If they like what they read, the tend to share your article on various social media, which generates a wider audience. We call this the viral effect of information shared. Eg a video, post, article and a like.

Google values relevant high quality content and will start indexing it and, with the right back links, improve the ranking of your website.

What will be your plan of action?
Start with an inventory of keywords relevant for your audience, subject and business. Imagine yourself as the audience, the customer and define in a few keywords what you would like to know about the business, the subject.

Next take your time to inventory blogs, websites, directories, forums which relate to the subject of your article and its keywords. Use to check its authority on the internet: page rank, spend time per visitor, unique visitors and so on..

Decide whether you have budget or not for article submission, so you know which blogs, websites and directories you really are going to use. Do not waist any time on paid blogs if you do not have the budget.

Next write your article with high quality content because it is key. Make sure your article contains one or two do follow backlinks on one to three keywords which are relevant to your subject. Make sure your content has no spelling mistakes, poor content, irrelevant images or is grammatically incorrect to prevent being seen as spam.

Submit your article to the websites, blogs and forums you have harvest.
Monitor traffic using Google Analytics to determine relevancy of any of the websites and blogs. Notice you will have to manage your article submissions constantly.

If they gain some traffic, share your submissions on social media platforms.


How can social bookmarking increase SEO?

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How can social bookmarking increase SEO?

What is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is basically the term for those websites which make it possible to maintain an overview of your favourite websites and be able to share these favourites with other users. It is quit an interesting part of social media usage. Basically it cumulates which sites are interesting of have interesting content to share or follow. Social bookmarking is often used for Social Media Optimisation in short SMO as part of a SEO strategy.

A few examples of social bookmarking

Notice there are hundreds of bookmark websites over there. The big difference between them of course is the impact they really can have and they “niche” market they are in.

So How can social bookmarking help with SEO?

Spreading interesting articles on a diversity of bookmarking sites can drive traffic to your website.  The more users have bookmarked one or more articles the higher your bookmarks will rank with those bookmarking website. It is a great way to obtain more visibility and improve the chance of being better ranked.

How to start social bookmarking?

Starting social bookmarking is super easy. Simply define your audience, your target market, your goal. Based on this simply search the internet “Google” – “Top 50 Social Bookmarking WebSites” and pick your list.

Next make sure the article you want to post on each of the social bookmarking websites is high of quality. In other words it has really add value content for each readers. If not, you will not have any benefit from it.

If you have less time you can for example buy social bookmarks at

13/03/16 awards Seomarket’s hard work


Since our launch 14 days ago we have put hard work into Luckely it becomes fruitfull already!

Alexa is awarding us  :)


Thank you all! O yes, we rank 16,147 in Pakistan..


Changes and new features added to

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As from today we have added some great new features to our website. Let me give you an overview of these changes of which I know you will appreciate them a lot.

Requests: First of all we have added some new features to the request option. It is possible to add a location to a request now, which is shown on Google Maps. We also added the “let’s meet” option to requests to point out buyer want to meet the seller upfront.

Pricing & payments: With regards to pricing we have decided to use USD as default currency. Nevertheless we still allow our EU users to convert USD to EU.

We already have the lowest commission fee in the market today, but there is more good news to tell! We already are planning a commission free business model for our sellers which can be optionally be chosen.  

Future features: keep in touch.. there are very attractive new features to come, so keep on reading our blog & follow us on social media.



SEOmarket in the news


As you know has just started as an innovative and secure marketplace where it’s community users are able to buy and sell seo related services.

Several important tech blogs have picked up our launch already and are very enthusiastic. Let us mention a few of these tech blogs:

  • (a tech blog of Atish Ranjan, who is an authority on SEO)
  • (another major tech blog)

So as goes viral, we will keep serving your with the best seo jobs ever. Also you can expect some major new features soon.


How to attract new customers

seo tips already offers an excellent platform for buying and selling seo related services. It is a secure and highly interactive marketplace offering sellers an easy way to turn their seo related knowledge into money. Buyers can profit from the highly attractive and sharp pricing of the seo jobs offered on

Today we would like to share 4 basic tips with our sellers:

1.) Use an attractive job title, it is the first thing buyers will read;

2.) Make sure your job description is not only attractive, but also very clear. Manage your customers expectations upfront.

3.) Make use of video’s to explain your job offer, preferabel personal video’s!

4.) Provide clear instructions to your buyers.

More tips will follow.


Free Traffic by Growtraffic

seo tips

As you know we just started is part of Webfabric a Dutch company which owns several internet companies, mostly on the area of social media.

As every internet start-up need traffic and content, we use & test several tooling along the way. So besides the necessary manual seo tasks as relevant blogging, creating mailing lists, getting link referrals and many other efforts, we also use tools. First of all to test them and get an opinion and share them with our community, secondly if they work, they work.

Having said this let me introduce you to (great domain name) They seem to be a new promise with regards to website traffic and they look professional with a service of non bot traffic. And let me be honest with you.  We for now are going to try to get approved for their “Free Website traffic” campaign. And I must say, the campaign itself is already a great example of perfect SEO.

How it works? Well like this blog, you’ll have to write a valued blog about growtraffic and send them the link to the blog. If they like it you’ll get 10k of traffic to your website.

You have to admit, it is a great campaign right. It feels we could be brothers in arms..

Let’s judge the traffic now.

Very curious…

So here we go, I’ll keep you all posted about this.

B – Ce0,


Free website traffic





We are in beta stage and already a lot of seo experts has signed up preparing their seo services. We are glad things start to kick off great! . A long the way as SEOmarket loves #seo, we will write not only about Seomarket’s activities, but we also will bring you relevant news about relevant, online marketing, seo, design and a like news.




Payment Options

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As from today we activated both Paypal as your Bank Account to be available as revenue withdrawal accounts.


Just opened


Hi, just opened. We are an online marketplace for seo services. Both buyers as sellers can have a free account on Posting a SEO job is completed free. Buying SEO jobs is secure and very easy. Learn more about seomarket here.

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